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1471 Saratoga Ave. Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95129

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration Options San Jose

Red/Green Procedure Will Increase Your Hair Growth

Finding the right hair loss solution is like finding the right man or woman for your life. It’s an important decision that can accentuate your lifestyle in unimaginable ways. But one size does not fit all hair loss cases.

Photo Regeneration for Hair Regrowth

The simultaneous applications of both green and red light can revitalize scalp tissue by increasing the amount of oxygen in the tissue and stimulating the production of cellular energy.

Hair loss can be an embarrassing part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let it happen. At the Jenesis Hair Transplant, we have a treatment that will stimulate your natural hair growth so you can get back to living life the way you’ve always wanted: the NeoGraft LTS Red/Green procedure will have you looking like your old self — with a head full of natural-looking hair.

The NeoGraft LTS Red/Green procedure is certified safe, with no discomfort or recovery time necessary. The treatment works for men and women alike, and is contained to 25-minute sessions recommended a few times per week.

The proof is undeniable: hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) is present in pattern baldness, and the blood supply around follicles in balding areas is deficient compared to the follicles and blood supply in areas with normal growth. The light therapy produced by the NeoGraft LTS Red/Green procedure is proven to improve both the oxygenation and blood supply in your scalp.

Hair Loss and Hypoxia

It has been demonstrated that oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) exists in balding scalp, and that the microvasculature around the follicle in balding areas is deficient compared to the microvasculature around follicles with normal hair growth.

Oxygen starvation leads to limited hair growth and compromised cellular repair mechanisms. It is believed by many that local tissue hypoxia may be the underlying pathophysiology by which age, genetics, and androgens interact to cause baldness.1

The effects of DHT in male pattern baldness are related to the microvasculature deficiencies. The increase in androgen (DHT) production in the scalp area inhibits mitosis, and induces insulin sensitivity in the follicular area.

This insulin resistance further induces vasoactive substances that cause microvascular insufficiency and local tissue hypoxia with progressive miniaturization of hair follicles.2 Once the oxygen starvation is initiated by DHT, the energy production within the cells in the hypoxic area is also shut down. Under hypoxic conditions the mitochondria shut down as a survival mechanism.3

Hair regrowth requires that we overcome the hypoxia caused by excessive androgen production, and the purpose of the red and green light is to reoxygenate the tissue and reinvigorate the mitochondria so energy production can resume.

Actions of Red and Green Light

The ability of green light to increase PO2 in hypoxic tissue has been recognized for application in photodynamic therapy where extreme ROS production causes hypoxia. In the case of hypoxic scalp we can see the benefits of red and green light mimic the activities of Minoxidil in that there is tissue reoxygenation provided by the green light (similar to the vasodilation effects of Minoxidil) and the red light provides increased ATP production by removing nitric oxide from the electron transport chain (Minoxidil increases ATP production by shifting calcium ions to make the hydrogen ion potential appear higher).

The advantages of using light for reoxygenation and stimulation of new energy production is that there are no chemical side effects and the energy produced can be stored for longer-term needs. Essentially when used with an ongoing program of topical vasodilators, anti-androgenics and antioxidants the light therapy provides a bolus therapy for tissue regeneration. The energy producing effects from a 5-minute procedure will continue for hours after the procedure, and this will build up large stores of ATP for tissue and vascular regeneration. The light therapy is to provide for a powerful source of energy for remodeling the scalp, and the ongoing topical therapies will allow for continued growth.

Topical applications of KATP vasodilators like Minoxidil can slowly but reliably move the hypoxic tissue from energy insufficiency and help balance the deleterious hypoxic effects caused by excess DHT activity. However the addition of light treatments boosts and complements the activity of these agents and provides a strong platform for scalp remodeling.


  • How does it work?

    The first step to understanding treatment for androgenetic alopecia (AGA), or “male or female pattern baldness, is understanding the condition. A natural sign of aging, pattern baldness is usually caused by the shrinking of hair shafts due to low scalp oxygen. Just like all other bodily tissue, the availability of oxygen is important to the growth of your hair. More importantly, the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the affected areas prevents your body from repairing itself, meaning your scalp doesn’t have the energy to grow new hairs to replace the old, damaged, or missing ones.

    Commonly prescribed pattern baldness treatments like Rogaine (minoxidil) slow the hair loss process, but fail to increase scalp oxygenation, meaning that the treatment isn’t solving your problem, it’s merely slowing the process. For many, merely slowing the process isn’t enough.

    If you want a solution to your hair loss, then the NeoGraft LTS Red and Green procedure may be the procedure for you.

  • Why does the NeoGraft LTS Red and Green procedure work where prescriptions like Rogaine do not?

    Studies have shown that certain red and green light frequencies can increase the amount of oxygen in the scalp. Not only do these frequencies produce increased amounts of oxygen in your scalp, allowing the shafts of your hair to grow and strengthen, these same frequencies stimulate the production of cellular energy. Over time, the production and storage of this cellular energy allows for increased growth and blood flow to the treated area. The NeoGraft LTS Red and Green procedure is a proven way to encourage your body to behave the way it behaved years ago; this procedure allows your body to produce the necessary changes organically, with natural-looking results.

  • What is Optimal Treatment Regimen?

    The optimal use of Red and Green light treatments is patient specific; in general the longer the hair loss condition has been established the more treatment will be required to see results. Daily treatments for the first week would give the quickest regeneration of the mitochondrial ATP functions, but 3 Tx/week will give good results. After six light treatments the optimal treatment regimen is 2 Tx/week for and additional six treatments. There is no downside to continuing the treatments.

* All patients are actual patients of our practice who have provided consent to display online. Readers should understand that results do vary and not all individuals achieve the results depicted here.

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