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1471 Saratoga Ave. Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95129

Meet Dr. Jane Chung - Hair Restoration Cosmetic Surgeon

Jane Chung, MD

  • American Hair Loss Association
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Society of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jane Chung, MD is apart of these Associations

About Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane is the founder and medical director of Jenesis Lipoplasty & Hair Transplant Center. Drawing on more than 25 years of medical experience as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jane has transformed Jenesis into a leading provider of the most innovative and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Her hair restoration surgery skill has been trained under several well-known physicians around the globe. As a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Liposuction Surgery, American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery, and International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Jane has been profiled as the best Liposuction Surgeon in San Jose Magazine and Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Bay Area in 2011, 2012, and 2014 by Metro Magazine.

Dr. Jane said “My interest in medicine started in early age. When I was a little girl, I was so enthusiastic to take care of my friends and family members or even my dog, Jindol. One of my talents that contribute to my career is my artistic hands. During my teenage years, I used to make my own fashionable dresses and bags. I was proud to show my custom designed clothes to my friends and families. After a long medical education and training, I chose my career as a cosmetic surgeon who can combine art and medical skills. Hair Transplant Surgery and Face and Body Contouring are really exciting procedures for most of people. Adding hairs on the right area with right surgical technique make people look so natural and vibrant. I see every day I give them back their confidence back. This is truly rewarding career for me. To enhance my patients’ natural beauty, I always put my best effort.”

Jenesis Lipoplasty and Hair

Best Plastic Surgeon/Beautification

Why choose Jenesis?

Jenesis Hair Transplant Center has developed a reputation as one of Bay area’s leading specialist hair replacement clinics.

Natural Looking Results

Because we offer the very latest surgical techniques with Neograft which produce completely natural results, even a professional hairdresser would not be able to notice that a hair replacement treatment had been carried out. As with any form of surgery, the results are highly dependent on the surgeon’s experience and expertise.

Qualified Surgeon and Technicians

Legally, any qualified medical person can perform a hair transplant. However, in order to guarantee successful results each and every time, we recommend that the person performing the treatment is a fully qualified and practicing surgeon. . All surgical technicians at Jenesis Hair Transplant Center are accredited to practice and 5 to 25 years of experiences. As well as being medically qualified, each surgical technicians need to be registered to practice in US.

Experienced in Hair Transplants

It is important that the surgeon and surgical technicians performing your treatment has a specialist interest in hair transplants. A typical indicator of this specialism is gaining membership of either the ASHRS or ISHRS. Both bodies also monitor all of their members procedures to ensure quality of service is provided.

Receive a Guarantee with Every Treatment

Because we are confident in our ability, we offer a unique guarantee with your hair restoration treatment. Although it is impossibe to guarantee the result of individual grafts due to potential issues beyond the surgeon’s control, we want our Patients to be completely satisfied with their outcome. Whilst it is very unlikely that the grafts will not grow, we offer you the peace of mind of knowing that if less than 80% of the grafts grow, they will be replaced at a further treatment completely FREE of charge.

We are a Specialist Clinic

Whilst the majority of clinics provide a full range of surgical procedures from breast enlargement to face lifts, Jenesis concentrates solely upon hair transplant procedures and body contouring. Being a Specialist in any field always means that you are more experienced, you have greater knowledge and can therefore produce consistently better results.

* All patients are actual patients of our practice who have provided consent to display online. Readers should understand that results do vary and not all individuals achieve the results depicted here.

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